University of Michigan Colony

Alpha Class

Sisterhood is what we work for. Society is whom we give to. Remembrance is what lies in our hearts. In Spring 2014, Four Distinguished Ladies at the University of Michigan came together and exemplified passion, leadership, and strength. At the time no one really knew each other but we all knew one thing: Not only did we want to be part of this organization, but we wanted to create change on campus and leave our legacy behind.

Ashna Khanna, Distinguished Sister Trademark. spearheaded the idea of starting a colony of Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Inc. at University of Michigan.As our love for both the organization and each other grew, our vision became clearer.
​ ​The University of Michigan’s Alpha AddiXion Line’s vision is to represent Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Incorporated’s mission at the University of Michigan. We strive to be a professional organization providing its members with networking opportunities (within Sigma Sigma Rho national network), academic resources, and a life-long support system. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to Domestic Violence awareness and prevention and working within Detroit. As individuals, we hold ourselves as advocates for the empowerment of South Asian women.

We feel so privileged to be part of such a strong, passionate sisterhood. The University of Michigan colony hopes to not only to instill leadership skills but also create a family on campus. As we strive academically, at one of the top universities in the nation, we hold ourselves to the principles of Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Inc.

FOUR women came together to establish Sigma Sigma Rho at the University of Michigan:
Ms. Tonia Elengikal: Distinguished Sister Reverence
Ms. Kavita Raval: Distinguished Sister Jinx
Ms. Tanvi Gangal: Distinguished Sister Infamous
Ms. Ashna Khanna: Distinguished Sister Trademark.

Draped in Maize and Blue,
Giving REVERENCE to our crew,
The power of the JINX, make you change what you think,
INFAMOUS through your eyes, surmise our disguise
Started from the bottom, Mann Atman Dharam,
Together we are one, our TRADEMARK. has begun!

University of Florida

Alpha Class

Our journey began in January of 2014, when a group of young women decided that the University of Florida was in need of, not a new sorority, but a Sisterhood unlike any other. This was only possible with the formation of an Interest Group. Thus, the quest to find women who also believed in creating and starting a new Sisterhood at the University of Florida began, as this was going on so did the quest for a Sorority that fit who we were as young women. After immense amounts of research, Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Incorporated captured all of our hearts. They possess so much more than we wanted in a Sorority: Sisterhood, Society, and Remembrance, it became obvious which sorority we wanted to become part of. We knew that this was the organization that we wanted to become part of, and we knew that we could truly create change on our campus. Word spread that girls wanted to form an Interest Group for Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Incorporated. Girls of all ages, places, and social circles came together to become part of the interest group. Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Incorporated was invited to present to the University of Florida Greek community on October 12th 2014 and on November 19th 2014, Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Incorporated was invited to join the Multicultural Greek Council at the University of Florida.

n the Spring of 2015, Six Distinguished women came together to establish Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Incorporated at the University of Florida:

Ms. Tasnim Haque, Sister Lαalis
Ms. Divya Vyas, Sister Endeavor
Ms. Hurara Khan, Sister Xcalibur
Ms. Zakia Jabarkheel, Sister Vertigo
Ms. Priyanka Soni, Sister Arsonist
Ms. Dhara Patel, Sister Endurance

The University of Florida Alpha Ascendancy Line’s aim is to exemplify Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Incorporated at the University of Florida. Not only do we plan on leaving a legacy and making a change on campus, but we aim to create a Sisterhood unlike any other. We are an organization that provides professionalism, networking, academic excellence, and most importantly a life-long bond. As young women in today’s society we are committed to Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention within the community of Gainesville. Being students at one of the top schools in the nation, we have brought an organization to the University of Florida that promotes professionalism and leadership while having a family away from home.

The University of Florida Colony has created a positive atmosphere so that Sisters of Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Incorporated will graduate as positive young women. We are honored and blessed to become part of an incredibly beautiful Sisterhood and we cannot wait to share our passion with the University of Florida.

Indiana University - Bloomington Colony

Alpha Class

ust a few short months ago, five of us came together to start Sigma Sigma Rho at our campus. Little did we know of the challenges we would have to endure to become established. The heart of our line, Priya Vanka, originally had the dream of seeing Sigma Sigma Rho at Indiana University. Over the course of a few weeks, seven ladies showed true interest in the sorority. Over time, only five distinguished ladies proved to be the strong because after all, only the strong survive. We never left each others’ sides through the good and bad, the thick and thin. We had our petty quarrels and shared our feelings and tears through the late nights and long days. Initially, none of us saw ourselves as ever being a part of Greek life. Although it was the hardest thing we have ever done, we are proud and honored to call ourselves the Alpha class at IU.

We know we will leave our mark on this campus just as all Alpha classes have done successfully thus far. We strive to represent our sorority in the bet way possible, just as it deserves. Our sisters did not work this hard for anything less than greatness. We are very inspired by our philanthropy and are determined to spread awareness of domestic violence by working with Middle Way House, a Domestic Violence shelter in Bloomington. We plan on expanding by reaching out to ladies to the best of our abilities so that all women have a chance to be a part of something so unique and special.

The 5 distinguished ladies who came together to form Sigma Sigma Rho at Indiana University are…

Amelia Garcia: Sister Finale
Preema Patel: Sister Perseverance
Hari Priya Vanka: Sister Azara
Divya Yeleti: Sister Aqila
Nikitha Duggirala: Sister Ixora

Sticks and stones are inseparable; together we are irreplaceable.

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