The embodiment of the organization that remains intact comes from the legacy of our founding mothers. The ten founding mothers of Sigma Sigma Rho sought the existence of an organization that defined unity amongst South Asian women. They came together with the belief that there was a greater chance achieving their goals while standing as one, which instilled in the organization a sense of strength and purity. The vision of the founders remains in effect as sisters build on their dreams and principles to create a perpetual organization that will stand the test of time.

The 10 Distinguished women that paved the way for all of our Sisters:

Tejal Kundaiker

Payal (Suchdev) Walsh

Rinku (Sachdeva) Thomas

Priya Sahani Sood

Vandana Kakwani-Pathak

Sonia (Sharma) Wadhwa

Nisha (Rana) Diler

Minna (John) Lam

Lovleen (Kandhari) Sharma

Eshna (Firoz) Kalam

Letter from Alumnae

Dear Distinguished Sisters of Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc.,

How did this all happen? It was that cold day of December 10th, 1998 when 10 young women came together and took an oath to cultivate an organization that would create memories for a lifetime. Sisterhood, Society, and Remembrance, mere words for the average person - but these same words hold a whole lot of weight for the sisters of Sigma Sigma Rho. Sisterhood is what we work for, Society is whom we give to and Remembrance is what lies in our hearts. Through these ideals, we hoped to serve both the South Asian community and the greater community at large, strengthen our sisterhood and break down ethnic and cultural barriers that would otherwise keep young women apart. The pillars of Sigma Sigma Rho have been instilled into every one of us, and it is something no one can take away. It will always give every one of us a sense of belonging and something you can share with anyone wearing our letters across the world. Fifteen years later, we still hold our heads high and proudly say, Mann, Atman, Dharam, together they are one, we will not fall, forever we are one.

Qayamat Tak!

Nisha (Rana) Diler - Sister Pinky #7
Lovleen (Kandhari) Sharma - Sister Diesel #9
Payal P. Patel - Sister Elmira #03

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