National Executive Board 2016-2017

Hamisha Patel
National President

As National President, Hamisha is responsible for overseeing all day to day operations as well as administering all external communications on behalf of the organization. She leads a clear vision and develops strategic initiatives between the local Executive Boards, National Executive Board and Board of Directors. She previously served as the Vice President of Membership for the past two years.

Krishna Lala
Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President, Krishna is responsible for all internal affairs and communications. She will serve as the internal liaison for the National Executive Board as an objective facilitator of the National Council and Board of Directors. She will act as the national advisor for each establishment. Krishna has been a member of Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority Inc. for five years. She will use corporate strategies in her role to optimize the involvement and passion of her fellow sisters.

Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance is responsible for keeping track of all monetary responsibilities during her term. She plans to help chapters and colonies work on fundraising goals, while ensuring the organization maintains adequate funds for all events. With previous experience in fundraising and accounting, she hopes to make a mark in our sisterhood as well as in society.

Sudha Muthuraju
Vice President of Operations

The Vice President of Operations is responsible for managing all reports and internal meetings, both nationally and locally. She also manages and coordinates regional and national events and she ensures that communication internally is effective and efficient. Sudha has been serving on the National Executive Board since 2015 and wants to promote philanthropy and leadership in young women through sororities so they can become strong leaders and role models who will work to help improve their community.

Meha Patel
Vice President of Membership

As Vice President of Membership, she oversees all new member intake across the nation. Meha tracks the progress of all new member education processes and conducts the new member educator trainings. She is able to open communication lines between all of the schools, and ensures that the organization is adhering to the anti-hazing policy and guidelines that were established. She joined the National Executive Board to help dedicated and passionate ladies, like her, cross into the sisterhood.

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