Mann. Atman. Dharam. Together they are one. We will not fall. Forever we are one. – This statement reflects what we believe is the symbiosis of a great student and a great institution. We instill this saying as our motto, as a means of conveying solidarity amongst each other in every facet of our lives. Each potential member of our organization was first chosen by your institution to be an integral part of the student community. When a student becomes a part of the student community, they are simultaneously a unique individual, whilst embodying and exuding the culture of your institution.

It is with this in mind that we hope to enhance the mission of your institution by providing another compass for any student interested in our organization. Sigma Sigma Rho, Inc. provides a means of developing students into progressive, professional, and contributing members of their campus and community.

If Sigma Sigma Rho is currently on your campus, we thank you for our valued relationship with your institution and our ability to complement your students’ education with the networking, leadership, diversity, philanthropy and transferable skills that we offer through many channels in our organization.

If we are not yet on your campus, we invite you to delve in and experience what being “one” is about.

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